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No one knows iMIS like Armstrong. Since 1995, Armstrong has helped associations and not-for-profit organizations get the most from their investment in iMIS association management. Find out more about Armstrong’s proven implementation methodology.

iMIS offers a complete 360 degree view of the people you serve by consolidating each of the ways your members work with you into a single system.   iMIS 20, the latest evolution of iMIS, allows you to interact with members and staff anywhere, and anytime on any device using a very efficient cloud-based system.  iMIS is rated #1 for customer satisfaction by an independent survey from Lehman Associates.  

iMIS is supported by NiUG International, the largest independent, volunteer-lead user group in the non-profit software industry.

ASI, the developer of iMIS, is the only non-profit software vendor to be awarded the Software Technical Assistance Recognition (STAR) award and achieve certification under the Service Capability and Performance (SCP) standards, demonstrating the achievement of internationally recognized best-practices for support services.

The iMIS system includes more than 30 optional modules organized into Suites based on functionality.

Relationship Management
Fundraising Marketing
Events & Education
Business Intelligence
RiSE Web Engagement
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