Simple, No-code Automations in Building RiSE Custom Apps

In this insightful webinar, Keith Hunter of Armstrong Enterprise Communications revealed the power of no-code automations for iMIS/RiSE users. Attendees discovered:

  • Streamlining Workflows: Participants learned how to eliminate tedious manual tasks through powerful automations, freeing up time and resources.

  • No More Coding Barriers: The webinar demonstrated the ease of building custom iMIS/RiSE apps without complex coding, empowering users of all technical levels.

  • Unlocking AI Potential: Attendees explored practical ways to integrate AI into their iMIS/RiSE workflows, opening new possibilities for innovation

Target Audience: This webinar was ideal for professionals including Database Admins, RiSE Admins, Website Developers, and IT/Tech staff.

Missed the live session? If you'd like to learn how to enhance your iMIS/RiSE experience through automation, let’s talk! 

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