Streamlining Healthcare Event Management: How RBMA Integrated iMIS with Zoom

Client Profile:
Our client, the Radiology Business Management Association (RBMA) is an industry-leading organization comprised of nearly 2,000 professionals who focus on the business of radiology. RBMA members support diagnostic imaging, interventional radiology, and radiation oncology providers in the full spectrum of practice settings.

RBMA relies on iMIS to manage their events, registrations, communications and more. 
As an organization that holds many events a year, efficient meeting management plays a pivotal role in being able to foster engagement and collaboration among their members. 
The primary challenge for RBMA was the labor-intensive process of manual data entry for each of their events. It was taking too much staff time and creating unnecessary frustration entering event registration information into Zoom. 
They needed a way to streamline their event management and alleviate the burden of repetitive administrative tasks and, in turn, be more efficient with resources.
The solution to this challenge was an elegant integration between iMIS and Zoom, facilitated by Zapier for iMIS - powered by iAppConnector.  

Here's how it works

Data Synchronization: When event details like name, date, and time are entered into iMIS, Zapier triggers a connection to Zoom and passes the event information from iMIS.
Automated Event Creation: Zapier creates a meeting in Zoom and generates a shareable Zoom meeting link for the upcoming event.
Unique Identifier: Zoom assigns a unique identifier to each event in iMIS, which is crucial for associating events and meetings between iMIS and Zoom respectively.
Member Registration: When a member signs up for an event through iMIS, the unique Zoom identifier is used to fetch information about the corresponding Zoom meeting. This ensures that members can register for the correct Zoom meeting seamlessly.
Communication: Upon registering for an event in iMIS, Zoom then sends a registration confirmation email based on the iMIS record that includes the Zoom meeting link, closing the loop on the registration process.
The integration of iMIS with Zoom yielded several significant outcomes for RBMA:
Time and Efficiency: The seamless integration saved the organization a substantial amount of time and effort. Event creation and management became streamlined, allowing staff to focus on more strategic tasks.
Upgrade Readiness: When RBMA decided to upgrade its iMIS system, the integration with Zoom was already in place and fully operational. This meant that there was no friction in migrating this critical functionality as part of the upgrade process.
Continued Success: The integration remains an integral part of the organization's operations, ensuring that events run smoothly, and members have an easy way to sign up. And our client can even manage and modify “Zaps” on their own. 
Armstrong’s innovative solution has not only met their immediate needs but also positioned RBMA for continued success in the digital era of healthcare.