Managed Services

What if you didn’t have to worry about maintaining your website, or how you were going to get support when you received an error from your business application? Managed Services is the term used for “packages” of technology support services that can help you predict costs and avoid hassles.  At Armstrong, we work with you to create a managed service package that meets the specific needs of your organization.

Armstrong’s monthly remote support agreement “ServiceLine” will provide you with unlimited access to answers from our experienced Certified support group via telephone, fax, or e-mail. Our Help Desk services will provide answers to technical questions concerning iMIS and Dynamics GP  ("How do I" or "Where is" or "Is it possible") and provide a sounding board for your plans and actions for a fixed, monthly budget.  This service will save you time and money for services not requiring on-site presence or hourly project or consulting rates.

On-Site System Manager (OSSM)
On-Site System Manager is a unique program offered only by Armstrong. It combines ServiceLine “Help Desk” support with regularly scheduled monthly on-site support visits at a low, fixed rate.  A lead consultant will be assigned to your account and can schedule for two half-days (or one full day) a month, or an ad-hoc as needed, if preferable, for the purposes of covering regular on-site support needs, including troubleshooting, mentoring, training, and general assistance with iMIS.  This OSSM program does not require that time be spend on-site, available hours under the plan can be used for any labor effort, including support, custom development, training, reports generation, installations, or upgrades, as authorized.

Fractional iMIS Services
Decrease your expenses. Fulfill your iMIS needs by augmenting your existing staff with an Armstrong iMIS professional who has years of experience and expertise.  

Why hire someone full-time when you can get Armstrong Fractional iMIS Services.

iMIS Custom Training
Armstrong Custom iMIS Training is tailored to your organization, ensuring your staff has the skills they need to be successful.

Flexible Hosting Options
Armstrong has invested in a “private cloud” platform that provides more powerful and flexible hosting options with improved support.